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One-Legged Food Panda Rider In Cebu City Works Hard To Support His Family

"A lot of the people today do nothing but complain and criticize about what is happening, but this food panda delivery guy, despite being physically challenged, takes all the risk just to serve and survive. Respect!" 

That was a striking captioned you can read from the uploader of the photos which gone viral Ronald Ar-Ar Ouano from his Facebook account.

    Photo credits: Ronald Ar-Ar Quano / Facebook
Where there is a will, there is always a way. That’s what we are always told growing up with the virtue of persistence and hard work. 

But does it really hold true for people nowadays?

Yes, of course only few it does! None probably feels the pain as hard as the person who was spotted by Mr. Ouano.

       Photo credits: Ronald Ar-Ar Quano / Facebook

This food Panda rider proves that being disabled doesn't stop your ability to make an honest living, showing once again that as long as you are determined, nothing is impossible!

The viral photos which happened in Cebu City, revolves around one man's willingness to beat the odds stacked against him after he lost his leg.

        Photo credits: Ronald Ar-Ar Quano / Facebook

Despite the loss of his leg and armed with only crutches, this man was determined to go out into the world and make an honest living for him and his family couldn't be stopped.

The man seemed to be mastered the use of his motorcycle, he has been able to work just like any other Food Panda rider around the metro.

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