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Pinay nanny receives car, house and lot from kind employer

We seldom hear good news about the plight of overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) in the Middle East especially those household workers, but this one was really inspiring and many are praying that they could find one too.

Dina Tenerife Celo, 47, is one of these lucky OFWs who had employed to a generous and kindhearted employer in Abu Dhabi. Her employer, Mellissa McPike, is an American woman married to an Emirati.

Her darkest nightmare was when she was first worked in Saudi Arabia where she was raped several times by his employer.

She decided to go back home to the Philippines, however, financial struggles forced her to work again overseas. This time she was blessed with kind  employer where she had cared for the couple's two children, Saeed and Saif, when they were still kids. Now that they are adults, she used to manage the household.

      Celo and her son who also works in the UAE. Photo credit: Khaleej Times

The 47-year-old domestic helper who hails from Sagñay, Camarines Sur told TFT in an interview, that her employer, Melissa McPike, gave her Dh23,000 (Php328,600) back in 2017 so she could buy a lot at her hometown. It follows a 2 bedroom house for Celo and her family.

Exactly a year after in 2018 when Dina Tenerife Celo was gifted by her employer with Nissan car to spare her from the hustle and bustle of taking public transportation to visit her son in Abu Dhabi.

      Photo source: Khaleej Times

Her employer McPike said, it is upsetting to heard stories about housemaids being mistreated. ""I would like to say that stereotypes are not true. There are so many families that treat their domestic help with respect and love. And they deserve it."

 Melissa McPike with her sons Saeed Al Muhairi, 26 (Right) and Saif Al Muhairi, 24 (Left) Photo Credit to Khaleej Times

For Celo, after she had a failed marriage life, she would always consider her employer a family.

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