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Twins who together passed the 2019 Bar exams shared story of success!

Sisters goal to becoming a lawyer finally achieved!

For the twins Kathrine and Marie Enriquez, who are among the 2,103 Bar exam passers, revealed that they never think of competition during their time in college.

      Photo credit: Marie Enriquez / Facebook

In fact, the twins said they shared one book in school and managed their study time to avoid conflict during the time they are in law school and up to the review period before the Bar exams.  

"We only bought one book for the both of us (except when required) and scheduled our study time for that subject," Kath said as quoted in GMA News Online reports.

Kath revealed the setup of their study, whoever has to study the full cases first will be required to highlight some key points so the next twin to study would only focused on the highlighted parts. It saves time and effort as they agreed!

    Photo credit: Marie Enriquez / Facebook
One of the advantage of taking their law course a bit "lighter" was having a twin as a study buddy.

"We would study together, we have the same set of friends, we helped each other even during recitations," Kath added.

Kath and Marie who are also licensed certified public accountants said they always knew they wanted to become CPA-lawyers. They have been working in an auditing firms since their 1st year in law school.

In college, Kathrine graduated Magna Cum Laude and Marie graduated Cum Laude with the degree of Bachelor of Science in Accountancy from the Mindanao State University – General Santos City.

    Photo credit: Marie Enriquez / Facebook
The two offered their success to their late parents and their sister who worked abroad that helped them for their school fees.

The now lawyer sisters are planning to do corporate work specialized in taxation, since they have experienced in that field.

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