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Artificial Intelligence Predicts Covid-19 Will End By July In The Philippines

The Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD) has released their predictions when the coronavirus pandemic will going to end in nearby countries such as the Philippines.

Through an artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm developed by a Singaporean school, they have been able to predict the flattening of the curve to various countries in Asia which was hit by the coronavirus pandemic, Mashable SE Asia reports.

The projections are based on the 97, 99, and 100 percent chance which came from the world data that includes total confirmed cases, total deaths, new confirmed cases, new deaths, and population data of the country.

      Photo credit: Mashable SE Asia
For the Philippines' prediction based on 27 April 2020 data, the algorithm showed the virus will end on July 8. Other countries such as Indonesia will recover only on July 30, the hardest hit countries by the pandemic in South East Asia while Vietnam will be able to flatten the curve on May 14, according to the projections.

Meanwhile, Singapore and Malaysia might see an end to the virus on June 10 and July 8 respectively, according to the curve projections. 

However, its global projection predicts to flatten the curve by December 1, 2020. These projected dates and figures doesn't take into account other factors such as virus mutations and as well as human movement.

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