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Netizen appeals for aid to homeless man in Albay allegedly unqualified for DSWD aid (SAP)

John Edgar Lo Flordeliza took to his social media account to appeal for government aid for  homeless man in Oas, Albay who was allegedly disqualified from the Social Amelioration Program (SAP) amid the coronavirus pandemic.

     Source: John Edgar  Lo Flordeliza / Facebook

According to him, the disabled and homeless man near their residence are in difficult situations amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The man was forced to clean the surroundings in exchange for food and a little cash as he was allegedly disqualified from securing cash assistance under the social amelioration benefit.

"It broke my heart knowing that he was not included in the Social Amelioration given to those low-income (he has no income at all) , PWDs and homeless. (Unfortunately no id) (Unavailable to handle funds)," Flordeliza said.

"I want to extend my compassion to this noble man and seek for help. those who can and are able to help, please help him. This is the season to carry the load of others.

"MSWD of Oas, Albay kindly extend any help possible to him. I know you are always ready to help the needy!" Flordeliza added.

The social amelioration aid is a government cash aid worth P5000 to P8000 per region, depending on the region's minimum wage rate, for each of the 18 million low-income families affected by the quarantine measures imposed amid the pandemic.

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