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Woman slaps her ex-boyfriend an ultimate cheating revenge through an Instagram sponsored Ad

Meet a Singaporean food and travel blogger, Hilary, who came up with ultimate revenge to her ex-boyfriend who allegedly had cheated on her. Her genius plan really breaks the internet after it went viral, as she payed for Instagram ad revealing the man's unfaithful ways.

“Lies after lies. Over and over again. You made me feel like I was never enough. When there was another girl all along.”

“While time would heal my wounds, the scar will always remain. And I may even forgive but I will never forget. Goodbye.”

Her Instagram story post of the SGNomster Instagram account spread like a wildfire. It showed a photo of herself with a man in an emotional emotional goodbye words.

One of the Facebook user Jaydee Lok has uploaded a screenshot, questioning why she had been the "target audience" of the said Instagram ad.

"No idea who this girl is but I am so impressed that she took out an Instagram ad to shame her cheating boyfriend??????" Her post has earned more than 5K shares.

“Also why am I in the target audience for this?!” She added.

According to the Coconuts, Hilary was able to published some story on her social media account, where she poured all her heartaches in the platform. 

“Dec – You’ve been texting. A lot. But who? Couldn’t make out her name as you tried to hide it,” one of the posts read. 

“Jan – it was never to be found out. The overseas picture is on her fb but not yours. That was 4 months ago. I felt faint. I thought you were busy?”

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