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Elderly man who walk miles daily to sell sweets receives free bicycle from shop

This heartwarming video of a grandpa who walks miles everyday has touched the heart of many netizens after a bike shop in Pasay City surprised the old man, who had been eyeing to buy his dream bike. 

According to a post from CARBS Motor/Bicycle Facebook page, the 87-year-old Carlos Samonte have been visiting the shop every day to inquire if there is an available bike.

"Eto po si Tatay araw araw po sya dumadaan sa shop para magtanong kung meron ba bike na available mula pa May 15 hangang kahapon, 2 beses isang araw, isa sa umaga bago umalis at dadaan ulit sa hapon bago umuwi.,"  the Facebook post read.

Finally, the mountain bike was made available recently, and Samonte was able to face the owner of the shop, Fe Carandang. He asked if he could purchased the unit for P2000, however Carandang refused since the unit has a priced of P4,800.

However, the next day 'tatay' Samonte went back and asked again. This time the owner of the shop decided to give it for free after learning from her staff that the elderly would always passed their shop to asked for his dream bike.  

The elderly was shocked and to his surprised a sweet smile in exchange for his bike has restored faith in humanity.

“Ngayong umaga dumaan ulit sya para tanungin kung pwede po nya bilhin ung bike ng 2.000, ngayong araw na ito ndi po sya nabigo. nakuha nya po ung bike na gusto nya sa KAPALIT isang NGITI po lamang,” Carbs motorcycle Facebook read.

Some netizens revealed that the elderly man is a vendor of candy at Makati area.

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