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Fil-Australian Melanie Perkins becomes the youngest Aussie billionaire at the age of 32

The 32-year-old Filipino-Australian woman named Melanie Perkins has became the youngest billionaire in Australia and the third richest woman in the country.

Melanie, a co-founder of the widely used digital graphic business design and publishing tool "Canva" has raised her net worth to USD2.5 billion. 

Canva, which was co-founded with Melanie and fiance Cliff Obrechit started back in 2014, a digital graphic design website specific for school yearbooks is now a billion dollar business. 

“My mum’s living room became my office, and my boyfriend became my business partner, and we started enabling schools to create their yearbooks really, really simply,” Perkins recalled in an interview with CNBC.

Canva, is a user friendly website that is popular to over 30 million people a month covering 190 countries for designing, marketing materials, events, social media content, videos, and more.

“We have over 15 million people using it every month and that is 50,000 schools using it across the globe, 85 percent of Fortune 500 companies,” said Perkins.

Melanie said her goal in starting Canva was to be able to “provide a free platform that anyone across the world could use.”

“We wanted to make design accessible across the globe,” Perkins told The Australian.

Melanie's grandmother is a Filipina, and her father came from Malaysia, while her mother is Aussie. Aside from Sydney, she has opened a Canva office in Makati, and Beijing.

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