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Unique yoga domes outdoor experience popping up in Toronto

Life must go on despite the threat of coronavirus still exist and humans are very creative to beat this surreal existence.

          Photo credit: lmntsstudio / Instagram

After a long lockdown, businesses around the world are starting to operate again with own safety measures in place to abide social distancing rules.

A unique outdoor yoga and fitness experience is now popping up in Toronto, Canada. Lmnts Outdoor Studio is hosting yoga and fitness classes located at the Hotel X grounds from June 21 to July 31. 

Students will have to board the individual dome for safer hot yoga and fitness experience. Each dome stands more than 2 meters tall and 3 meters wide, a good space for every individual's movement. Each dome has built-in  heating where temperatures can exceed 37 degrees Celsius, according to ctvnews

        Photo credit: lmntsstudio / Instagram

"Our pop-up studio isn’t just limited to Hot Yoga! We have HIIT Pilates and fitness classes too.
The long anticipated wait is almost over!! We’re just 2 days out from launching Toronto hottest yoga and fitness pop-up."

        Photo credit: lmntsstudio / Instagram

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