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Woman shares before and after body transformation that she did,so, you can

If she can, you can do it too! 

Genesis Noah, 24, took to Facebook and shared her amazing body transformation which she described "Elephant to Piglet". Weight loss can be an uphill battle that you should do it continuously to reached the goal, and eventually the rewards can be life-changing.

     Photo credits: Genesis Noah / Facebook

Noah's journey to his goal has inspired many, with some of the commenters swear to start by their own after they learned tons of struggles and what their weight loss means to them. 

"Happy birthday, self! This is my gift to you, healthier version of you!
You had a great battle with Obesity and the obese you is so damn proud of the new you!" Noah said.

Way back when she was 112kg (246lbs)!
                 Photo credits: Genesis Noah / Facebook
"24 years old na dating 42" ang bewang.
After 24 years, nahanap ko na po ang leeg ko kahit papaano."

        Photo credits: Genesis Noah / Facebook

Noah told her followers posting those pictures wasn't intended to brag herself, but to motivate others and inspire them the goal of being healthy not that you do it to be sexy.

"Not posting this to brag, posting this to motivate you & to inspire you not to be sexy but to be healthy, bonus na lang yung pag labas ng collar bones mo, abs mo at jawline mo. Convince your mind that you are capable of anything! It will not happen overnight. Fast or slow, progress is a progress, keep moving," she said.

               Photo credits: Genesis Noah / Facebook

"Malayo na but malayo pa. Always a work in progress, always aiming to be the best version of me. Hindi ko na pahahabain pa, walang sikreto sa pagpapapayat. Hindi slimming coffee, hindi meal replacement shake, hindi diet pills at kung ano ano pang hokus pocus. All you need is self love, patience, consistency & discipline and please stop saying tomorrow," she added.

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