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Frozen cheesecake on stick are now in Bacolod and we are excited!

Under new normal in unprecedented time change is required. Most restaurants are allowed to offer take-out & delivery just to satisfy our cravings. Thanks to frozen cheesecake on stick ready for on the go folks and much better than just required to close doors.

Gitgofrozencheesecake in Bacolod is now serving frozen cheesecakes on a stick, and everyone is freaking out!

  • They have several flavors to choose:
  •  Pretzmel (pretzel and caramel)
  •  D' rock (peanut, choco chips, marshmallow)
  •  Wematcha (matcha and whip cream)
  •  Mississipi Mud (peanuts and marshmallow)
  •  Hazelcrunch (hazel nut and corn flakes)
  •  Oreyo-C
  • Tellamonds (nutella + almond)
  • Mocha crumble
  • Halaque(ube halaya and keso)

For starters, it is actually a slice of frozen cheesecake, insert a stick in it, and shower it with your chosen flavor - the most delicious toppings you can think of. 

They also offer mini cheesecake in a box. You can order via FoodPanda or you can message them via Facebook.

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