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Just for fun? Monkey forced to lift weights, do push-ups and ride bicycle

Warning! The video may contain animal abuse which may find disturbing to readers.

As cases of animal abused continue to rise, recent video of a monkey in Phuket, Thailand has created stir online. An organization for animal rights PETA shared a disturbing footage of Ning-Nong the monkey, who was forced by the owner to lift metal weights, do push-ups, sir-ups and even ride a bicycle just for entertainment.

With a chain tied around his neck, the story of 4-year-old Ning Nong sheds a light to unreasonable nature of humans who'd do anything for profit.

According to Mirror, the monkey is also believed to have had its teeth removed, so that he would be defenseless against human who forced him to do tricks.

The footage was recorded by people undercover, showing the cruelty exerts by his handler. The monkey was dragged around in temperatures that went higher than 86 deg. F (30 deg C) and he can be seen walking on his hind legs, which is not the monkeys tend to naturally do.

"Ning Nong is treated like a money-making toy - forced to perform meaningless tricks for tourists and then left isolated in a wire cage when he's not being used," PETA said, as quoted by the Daily Mail

According to the organization, the cruelty to animals will only end if people who pay money in expense for entertainment will stop patronizing.  "This will only end when people supporting experiences that use animals," PETA added.

"Monkeys don't choose to walk on their hind legs, wear clothes, ride bikes, or perform other meaningless and humiliating tricks - they've simply learned to fear what will happen if they don't," he said. "Circus trainers break monkeys' spirits using violent methods that rely on the fear of punishment. They force animals into a lifetime of slavery."

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