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Philippine-based architects introduces floating homes for communities vulnerable to harsh natural calamities and no power infrastructures

As the world is experiencing climate change, literally engineers have to figure out and take a seat at the table to discuss advance solution to mitigate the adverse effect in the future.

To address the global warming effect, Manila-based architecture firm dada has introduced a home design that aims coastal communities more resilient in the midst of typhoons and rising sea levels. 

The 'currents for currents' floating housing solution for the coastal communities is "capable of adapting to changing ocean condition," according to the feature of the design. 

Based on the Philippines settings, the proposed design also good for waterfront areas vulnerable to harsh natural calamities and lack of reliable power infrastructure especially in far-flung areas.

Definitely, this floating houses would collect solar and tidal energy which can used to power the homes, as well as provide an additional source of income to the community.

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