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Shopee offers Samyang toothpaste that will gives you a burning taste of spicy noodles

Your samyang noodle experience will never end up to your dining only. If you heard of samyang lipstick and a chewing gum to set your mouth on fire, this time another mind blowing product a must try to your never ending samyang experience.

South Korean hygiene product maker Aekyung  has collaborated with a domestic instant noodle maker Samyang to give its consumers another fiery burning taste.

While more people are getting into spicy food which erupted into global trend, Aekyung released the "2080 Hochi Toothpaste," claimed to be with the same spiciness of Hot Chicken Flavor Ramen. The toothpaste colored in crimson has menthol ingredients to provide a refreshing taste.

Source: | Instagram

They have two types of spicy flavor to choose: a normal with mild spicy flavor and a nuclear spiciness  which will truly bring you to the total hotness.

You can try it HERE on Shopee for just RM22.

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