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U.S. COVID-19 vaccine ready for final testing this month

In a race to develop for COVID-19 vaccine, the National Institutes of Health and Moderna Inc. announced that the first potential COVID-19 vaccine is poised to enter into its final testing. 

According to the Associated Press report, Dr. Anthony Fauci, U.S. infectious disease expert said that his team will start its most important step on July 27. 

The testing will involve some 30,000 volunteers, from young ones, adults, and to person with underlying disease. Experts will inject the experimental COVID-19 vaccine to see if the shots is whether it’s really safe and effective to people against the disease.

“No matter how you slice this, this is good news,” Dr. Anthony Fauci said.

Moderna also said that volunteers on the early stage of testing have developed their 'neutralizing antibodies in their bloodstream' - a key to block infection as compared to those found in people who survived in the disease.

“This is an essential building block that is needed to move forward with the trials that could actually determine whether the vaccine does protect against infection,” said Dr. Lisa Jackson. 

The team hopes to have a successful result by the end of year, as the vaccine will requires two doses, a month apart.

The final phase will mark the world's largest testing to study the reactions of the potential COVID-19 vaccine to patients vice versa - a crucial part to spot rare side effects of the vaccine.

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