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Abandoned dog from the Philippines could be the first 'Askal' to immigrate to Canada

 Canadian vlogger Bret Maverick does the kindest thing for 'askal' dog he named 'Butter' who was abandoned in Cagayan de Oro. 

Source: Becoming Filipino / Facebook

Becoming Filipino Facebook page narrated a heartwarming story of Maverick and Butter.

"Over a year ago a little white puppy showed up on our doorstep in Cagayan de Oro City.

" It was dirty, weak, and really in a bad situation.  If you have been following my journey, you would know that my Canadian friend Bret Maverick was staying with me at the time. 

Source: Becoming Filipino / Facebook

"Well, what I didn't know, is he had a deep love for dogs.  What started as Bret simply trying to help the puppy survive... turned into a beautiful connection.

Source: Becoming Filipino / Facebook

"Within a month, the puppy was growing healthy.  Bret was beginning to connect with her... grow with her too.  We gave her the name "Butter"... Bret and Butter (bread and butter).  Ahh I remember that moment!  So much fun hearing everyone in the compound...

"And Bret whenever she would try and run away, pee on the floor, or do something dangerous," Becoming Filipino said.

Source: Becoming Filipino / Facebook

The abandoned dog was in caring hands, and as days gone by 'connection' between Bret and Butter was 'unbreakable'.

Source: Becoming Filipino / Facebook

Recently, Bret has decided to fly 'Butter' from the Philippines to Canada to begin a new life after being abandoned in the streets of Cagayan.

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