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Gerald Anderson's mom wishes to have multicab but gets new pickup truck from son

Actor Gerald Anderson recently bought his mother a brand new truck as a token of appreciation for all that she's done for him. In his latest vlog, Gerald described his mother as his great motivator to work hard and do better for his job.

"Yung nanay ko ang pinaka motivation ko sa buhay ko para pagbutihan yung trabaho ko. Ang konting request niya binigay natin, " he said.

In the video uploaded on August 3, the actor's mother Evangeline Opsima was greatly surprised when a delivery man was looking at her to give a bouquet of flowers and the all brand new pickup truck.

At first, Evangeline was unsure of what she saw, she continue to argue that the delivery man might got wrong of his delivery address. But when the man insisted that it was for her - she quickly knew that it was from her son Gerald.

Teary-eyed Evangeline started to thanked his son on the video, “I know you don’t have money. You don’t have big income yet because ABS-CBN is closed,” she said.

Evangeline revealed that a multicab is enough for her and she doesn't want a 'fancy car'. 

“I really appreciate it. I love you, son,” she said.

It’s always great to see people doing well in their respective careers and giving back to their parents.

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