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#CancelKorea, #ApologizeKorea trends online over Bella Poarch's tattoo

Bella Poarch, a Filipina social media influencer controversial tattoo on her left arm sparks outrage online with a hashtag #CancelKorea and #ApologizeKorea is making the rounds on Twitter.

It all started when Poarch posted a TikTok video and some Korean netizens took notice of Poarch's left arm tattoo showing the Japanese rising sun flag. Quickly after it went viral she received criticisms from Korean people, calling Pinoys "short and uneducated".


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The Japanese Rising Sun Flag is associated with Japanese Imperialism and war crimes during the Japanese-Korean war. The flag remains to be offensive for Koreans up to this day after the country is under Japan's colonial rule during the World War II. Based on history, this flag was also used to carry by Japanese soldiers when they invade an enemy territories.

South Korean TikTokers accused the 19-year-old influencer for being ignorant about the history. Others have said that Filipinos are a "poor country with non-educated, short people."

But Filipinos online showed solidarity with  hashtag #CancelKorea, leaving the top trending topic online by voicing out there anger.

One of the Twitter user @RheaJoyValle wrote: “We feel betrayed by you guys. Let me remind you that 112 Filipino soldiers died in action during [the] Korean War. The Philippines was the FIRST Asian country to SEND combat troops to your country.”The 112 killed soldiers were among the 7,400 Filipinos who were deployed to the Korean peninsula seven decades ago to defend Seoul from North Korea’s invasion.” 

@JuliusOliverP72: “When Koreans call you a ‘poor country’ and ‘uneducated’ Filipinos but they come here to learn English,” referring to South Korean flocking to Philippines to learn English.

“First of all, we teach you English. Second, we are your largest fanbase in Asia which is a big help to your economy,” @HazelAnngellic tweeted. 

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