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Jim Paredes says Ted Failon is a 'spreader of fake news'

 OPM singer Jim Paredes accused veteran broadcaster Ted Failon of being a "spreader of fake news". 

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Recently, Karen Davila took to Twitter to pay tribute for her fellow broadcaster Ted Failon who announced earlier his departure from the Kapamilya network, after 30 years. 

"Nakasama ko si Si Ted Failon ng 6 na taon sa TVPatrol noong 2004-2010. Icon sa industriya. Isa sa pinakamagaling at pinakamalalim magkomentaryo sa radyo. Saan ka man mapunta Ted, I am praying for your success. God be with you," Karen's tweet read.

However, Paredes totally rejected Karen's commendation to the outgoing broadcast journalist.

"He was a spreader of fake news. Sorry Karen. I disagree," Paredes said in response to Karen Dabila's tweet.

From a series of thread, one user replied to Jim's comment, challenging him to "Name one fake news Ted have spread." 

"He sided with Persida on the issue if dengvaxia. He did not speak out against the manufactured data on deaths her office was touting even when top doctors and experts were contradicting her. Because of that, he eroded the trust in vaccines and help spread polio, chicken pox, etc," Jim replied. 

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