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Watch: Mayor Isko Moreno answers Karen Davila's queries over white sand dumping in Manila Bay

 Isko Moreno was asked about the White Sand Project of DENR in Manila Bay. 

Some of the senators are not in favor of Manila Bay White Sand Project. 

They are now voicing out their concerns against the dumping project and call out law makers to temporarily stop, investigate and ask the Municipality of Manila. 

Mayor Isko Moreno is one of those who supports the said project. 

But when it comes to timing and priorities, this is his stand

"Well, what will be the major reasons to stop this and what are we going to gain when we stop. It's long overdue… Let's be fair to the environmentalists who fought for this for 20 years" 

According to Mayor Isko Moreno, the environmentalists fought for this for 20 years to clean the Manila Bay. 

The Supreme Court even supported about this matter after so many battle from the lower court to the higher court. 

The Mayor said that there must be a valid reason to stop the project. 

According to him, this is a Rehabilitation Project. 

"... this is a rehabilitation project. Let's go back to its principle… this is a rehabilitation of the entire Manila Bay and you are just talking only in Manila alone", the Mayor said sarcastically. 

Manila is composed of so many provinces, Municipalities and Cities. 

The Mayor even said that one of the violators of Manila Bay is the City of Manila. 

This is also the reason why Mayor Isko closed the Manila Zoo because its becomes violative and polluted. 

Mayor understands the feelings of other law makers. But he sarcastically said that the said law makers were also part of the approval of 2020 budget last year. This project was already discussed two year ago. 

He even told Karen that their attention were so focused about the White Sand; "...what if it is black sand"? said the Mayor jokingly. 

Karen said that there's a group of Fisher folk and environmentalists that released a paper that this project violated several laws in Manila alone. 

Karen Davila directly answered by Mayor Isko Moreno. 

Karen to Mayor: Did the DENR consult the City of Manila regarding the use of dolomite in Manila Bay? The group says it violates the local government code of 1991 if the City was not consulted. 

Was the City consulted? 

Mayor answered, "... if your question is only particular to the sand we will not ask the materials o what are they going to put… it was proposed to us,... we are inform… when I assume my office in July 1, 2019 which is a year and a few months ago".

"It started when President Duterte put an end to this non-performance… I am grateful to the DENR because somebody did and said to me it will be rehabilitated. 

Mayor said that this project is getting good attention especially to foreign people who really appreciates the program and the project. But, they are some individual who then become specialists and experts about environmental protection. 

"When ABS-CBN asked me I said, Well, I am no expert, I am no scientists but I think the right agency to be asked is the DENR. I think DENR is in the right mind to protect the environment… ", Mayor said. 

Here's the full interview of Karen Davila with Mayor Isko Moreno:

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