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West Visayas prof. share struggles of her students in adjusting to online class

 Stressors brought by the COVI-19 pandemic have made classes a struggle for West Visayas State University's College of Education in Iloilo City.

Professor Hazel P. Villa took to social media on Monday and shared the inconvenience that was experienced by her students in far-flung places during the online classes.

"Today (September 21), I cried during my first online class and I presume my students did, too, going by the emojis in the class group chat on FB messenger. 

"The class is “The Teacher and the Community, School Culture and Organizational Leadership” at the West Visayas State University College of Education in Iloilo City, Philippines," Villa started in her lengthy Facebook post titled "Tears and Powerbanks on the First Day of Online Class".

Tears and Powerbanks on the First Day of Online Class (A Probinsyana Prof's Narrative) By Hazel P. Villa Today...

Posted by Villa Hazel Palmares on Monday, September 21, 2020

Just like many other teachers and students who suffered in the online class, Villa explained why they are not using the available online platform for video conferencing such as Zoom or Google Meet, "Because our smart students cannot afford to buy load for that and many have connectivity issues." 

"A student said his phone just had one bar left and that he might just “disappear” from the chat. And I said he could always charge his phone but then he replied he had to walk 1 kilometer to do so. It turns out he was on top of a hill which was the only place where he and several other students and teachers in their sitio (hamlet) could find a signal and attend online classes," she continued.

Some students who experienced the same: "Then four of his classmates said they had similar situations: walking for a kilometre or two and more in the muck if it is raining hard. It came to such a point one student said he brought along an old galvanized iron sheet to serve as his roof on the hill."

Thanked to the University's effort of finding means to ease students and teachers struggle, they provided students with tablets loaded with learning packets in all subjects. She also said, her former student helped her raised funds to give students with power banks good for 3 cycles of charging.

Help Comes to Those Who Conquer Mountains (Sept. 22 Update on "Tears and Powerbanks on the First Day of Online Class"...

Posted by Villa Hazel Palmares on Tuesday, September 22, 2020

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