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Golden retriever protects little girl as she is being scold by her mother

A loyal golden retriever has gone viral after protecting his tiny human friend from being scolded by her mother in China.

Apparently, the little girl destroyed a pot of facial cream but the dog Harry courageously jumped to the two-year-old  girl defence after she was scolded.


The caring canine even became more defensive when the mother told it to get out of the way.

Harry turned out to be furious and send a message by his angry look to the furious mother - he wrapped around his paws the crying child, comforting her.

The mother claimed that her daughter had grown up with Harry by his side and the two had a deep bond.

Harry the golden retriever’s adorable reaction was captured on camera by the animal’s owner, Ms. Sun, after the scene occurred at their home in east China’s Xuzhou city on Friday.

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