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Elderly woman receive help from social media after left homeless during the coronavirus pandemic

 An elderly woman was left homeless and decided to vend in the streets of Minglanilla in Southern Cebu, Philippines after she was evicted from her rented room. Matthew Bravo took to social media and asked for help, after learning the story of Lola Berna, 66 years old.

According to Bravo, Berna wasn't able to pay for her monthly rent. He saw her outside a fast-food chain selling candies, chips and chocolates under the scorching sun. He gave Lola Berna his P10 for help without taking any goods in return.

“I was on my way to the city when I felt hungry and wanted to grab something to eat, when Lola Berna offered me to buy her chocolates for P10,” said Bravo.

Curious Bravo asked Berna why she was on the street, then he learned that she was not able to pay her rented room and she was evicted. 

Broken to what he learned, Bravo decided to share Lola Berna's picture to social media to ask for help from kind hearted netizens.

“Her rent is P800 per month, I am aiming to at least collect a year’s worth of rent for her so she would no longer have a problem renting,” he said.

Bravo's Facebook post has since went viral and currently earned more than 930 shares.

Later, he narrated on his latest social media update that he was able to raise P11,000 for Lola Berna and was able to secure Lola Berna's place back. Thanked to Lola Berna's angel, Matthew.

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