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Husband and wife dies hours apart on the same day in Binalbagan, Negros Occidental

 In this modern age it's hard to find a love story that genuinely melts your heart and warms your soul. But once in a while, a couple in Sitio Namulo 1, Brgy. Payao comes along who gives you hope that true love still exists.

Photo: Ldrrmo Binalbagan

An emergency response team in Binalbagan, Negros Occidental shared a surreal story when they responded to an emergency situation. According to the group upon arriving at the scene, they check the patient with no signs of life. "No pulse, no breathing," Ldrrmo Binalbagan Facebook post read. 

"According to folks, male patient who is 94 years old complained of chest discomforts this morning after knowing that his wife is dead at 7am just this morning," it added.

Photo: Ldrrmo Binalbagan

Hours later, the elderly man was found sitting beside the bed of his lifeless wife, looks relaxed, but later found dead. He was declared dead around 10AM.

"Upon assessment, patient has no vital signs and body is already stiffed. His dead wife is still on his side lying on bed ."

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