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Look: World's first Godzilla theme park now open in Japan

 The World's first Godzilla theme park finally opened after delays caused by Covid-19. This new attraction at Awaji Island Anime Park is making the rounds on Twitter with a new video showing fans ziplining into the mighty mouth of Godzilla.

Visitors can walk through a Godzilla museum with real props from the movies, purchase exclusive merchandise, and even eat at a restaurant serving Godzilla-themed dishes. 

Godzilla's massive statue stands 120 metre-long with a 162 metre-long zinpline that will get you straight directly to its mouth surrounded with its monstrous teeth.

Other attractions you might experienced inside are Godzilla's shooting range, a museum which you'll find around 100 kaiju monsters in Japanese figurines along with the actual props and costumes from ‘Shin Godzilla’ as well as a diorama of the iconic battle scene at Tokyo Station.

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