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Man reunites with lost dog after three months in Taguig mall went viral

 It was an emotional reunion captured after the owner and his lost dog three months ago had a happy homecoming. A Facebook user by the name Samsonytz Tykz found his beloved dog Coco in Taguig mall's parking lot.

From spreading the news about his lost dog to social media, Samson more spared time to look for his pet.

"3 months ago... since nagpost ako bout sa aso naming si Coco na nwala.Then this happened an hour ago sa 2nd floor ng bagong parking lot ng Vista Mall Taguig," the post read.

On a separate Facebook post, Samson also gave an update about the condition of his furbaby. He currently treating Coco's wounds, bruises and swollen legs. 

The owner also took the time to thank the people who fed coco during his journey - far from his master.

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