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Woman creates an incredible optical illusion looks and blends into the background will blow your mind!

 This 21-year-old Filipina Goldie Geanne Allawan Yabes is a makeup artist from Dampre, Floridablanca, Pampanga, who uses her own face as a canvas to create a mind blowing art. 

While many girls are attempting to nail the winged eyeliner or the smokey eye, Yabes created a reality-defying illusions that won the internet.  

Forget about photoshop, she used watercolors where she can create amazing illusions of lips, eyes, and over the overall face - blending herself into the background. Her behind the scene make-over recently went viral, she stood on a green field while doing the art and the outcome is stunning!

You can check out some of her mind-blowing illusions below.

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