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Kathryn Bernardo's multiple ear piercings looks too hot!

Kathryn Bernardo just revealed her secret piercings, and we are in awe! The fashion mogul is constantly changing and evolving her look and we love to see what trend she will be stepping out in next.

And the trend to follow when it comes to piercings: rocking a minimalist feel. These stunning adornments are placed in some supremely cool spots. As the trend grows, Kathryn made fun piercing session as a treat for her team during home quarantine shared on her latest vlog.

A basic lobe piercing will always look fantastic, but when paired with another on the ear or beyond, it takes on a new feel.

This isn't the first time Kathryn rocked some serious ear bling. She explained that every piercing she have represents a special milestone in her life.

A cluster of small, delicate piercings can lend an air of cool, tough-girl chic. We love the look of a stud piercing paired with a hoop.

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