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This home on wheels is available for rent during your staycation in Rizal

 Planning for a weekend getaway but not decided yet where to stay? This unique Airbnb home in Tanay, Rizal is built in old Jeepney which can accommodate up to four people, perfect for a whole day and night fun with friends.

Maybe not everyone of you dreamt of living in a jeep when you were young. But pretty sure most of you has the desire to live out in a camper Jeepney.

Photo source: Airbnb / Jeepney Camper

The Jeep was extended with an attic to provide a space and room for happy friends. Dubbed as the Jeepney Camper, this one-of-a-kind accommodation was designed with bamboo covered floors and white walls to create a more tropical fresh feels and homey atmosphere.

Photo source: Airbnb / Jeepney Camper

To give its guests a truly comforting stay, the jeep is equipped with amenities such as air conditioning unit, a mini fridge, and an outlet in case you will get interrupted with an empty battery.

Photo source: Airbnb / Jeepney Camper

Photo source: Airbnb / Jeepney Camper

Photo source: Airbnb / Jeepney Camper

Photo source: Airbnb / Jeepney Camper

Toilet & bath with heated shower. A few steps from the Jeepney. Photo source: Airbnb / Jeepney Camper

Swimming pool, 5' depth

In case your decided  to experience the place, here's how to get there. From Starmall Shaw Blvd. ride a UV Express going to Tanay drop-off at Terminal. From Tanay Terminal, ride a jeep going to Sampalok. And then from Sampalok, ride a trike going to Balai Tanay."

Balai Tany is located in Makaira-Daraitan Road, Tanay, Rizal. Rates start at P5,500. To book visit Balai Tanay on Facebook page or visit their Airbnb page.

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