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This Riverview Cafe in Suay, Himamaylan City is perfect to your weekend getaway

It’s been a long tradition for people visiting different places. Now, consider Riverview Café located at Riverside Suay, Himamaylan City. Surely, it will beam your day with a smile. First and foremost, nature will welcome you plus the friendly accommodation and services.

Photo credits: Negros Finest / Reverview Cafe FB


Truly, the place has been favored with the abundance of nature and visiting the place will perk up your day. Looking at the richness of the nature lightens up your feelings. It’s the most doable decision rather than going far when Suay, Himamaylan City offers the finest of a tourist destination and the best place to phrase yourself.


The wide river and the green space connect you with the environment and valuing of it becomes significant as well.


Photo credits: Negros Finest / Reverview Cafe FB

On the other hand, your family and friends will certainly enjoy the food and the sceneries.


It’s a local ambience blended with modern touch that will make you appreciate food and nature.


Photo credits: Negros Finest / Reverview Cafe FB

It’s a whole new experience. It’s a breathing space for everyone even to celebrate someone for an accomplishment. It’s one of the most visited places in the town both for individual or group enterprises.

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