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Carlos Agassi rushed to hospital following accident at his home gym

 Actor Carlos Agassi have gotten six stitches on his eyebrows and four stitches on his gums  after he accidentally slipped on the floor while walking at his house gym, "next thing I know is that I'm lying on the floor," he said.

On his Instagram post, Agassi explained that he always got involved in an accident a week before he will going to celebrate his birthday.

"I can’t explain if it’s coincidence, bad luck or good luck, a sign or an omen. All I can say is that accidents do happen and it’s called an accident because nobody wanted this to happen," he said.

"I slipped cause my rubber shoes broke and I face planted. Thanks my love @sarinayamamoto for being an angel and coming with me to the emergency rm and not showing me that you were crying," he continued.

Luckily, the actor-model was conscious and was able to drive to the hospital. He said he will return to the hospital on December 11, a day before his 41st birthday, to have his total ten stitches removed. 

Agassi also thanked all the doctors and nurses who attended to him at the hospital.

"What a learning traumatic experience, I was just walking and smiling in our house gym and next thing I know is that I’m lying on the floor. When I look at the mirror I couldn’t see my face but felt and tasted blood," Agassi described.

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