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Fil-Am coach Mike Magpayo gets historic 1st win in US NCAA basketball

Filipino-American Mike Magpayo is making history for becoming the first Asian-American head coach to win the Division 1 United States National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) men's basketball game.

Magpayo, 41, was hailed head coach of University of California (UC) Riverside beat Washington 57-42 on Tuesday, December 1.

Aside from being NCAA coach, Magpayo is the founder and president of the Asian Coaches Association that gave supports to all Asian coaches in the US. 

During his time as Director of Basketball Operations at San Francisco. Credit: Mike Magpayo

Magpayo who credited Spoelstra for paving his way to the famous American basketball court said, "I hope I can open the door for other Asian coaches … that's the mission."

The man with Filipino descent has a great passion of basketball, he began coaching multiple high school teams and continued to make time for coaching as a hobby for years. He ran a multi-million dollar real estate company in Southern California, but eventually he gave up and sold his business to pursued his passion for coaching.

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