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Shocking video captures moment teen gets swallowed up by sinkhole

 A teenager was able to escape from life threatening incident, but left suffered with torn ligament to her elbow after a sinkhole suddenly swallowed her.

Nineteen-year-old Laura Villarinho suddenly disappeared from where she was standing on a street's center island in Uberlandia, Brazil. A footage shows Laura and her mother casually cross the road to go to the other side of the street when a ground suddenly opened and send her below, thankfully she was not seriously hurt. 

The whole was almost two meters deep and Laura was left lying on the ground as her mother and other passers by wait for the paramedics to come to rescue Laura out of the hole.

Laura was rushed to the hospital and given proper medical care before being discharged later on the same day.

Local government said that the hole was caused by the rapture of an underground drain due to heavy rainfall that led to a subsurface erosion from small cracks.

Here's the video:

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