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Tiny creatures caught on camera claim to be an alien sparks extraterrestrial debate online

 With so many weird things that happened in 2020 such as photos online that point out an alien life a reality, this two tiny creatures walking at night in Texas that was caught by a security camera sparked extraterrestrial debate online. 

The video was uploaded on YouTube by a channel named 'Esoteric and Paranormal World'. A strange figures could be seen lurking in the middle of the dark executing extremely bizarre behavior. The odd-looking characters look to be about a foot tall or less can be seen playing like children.

A now viral video has since garnered various speculations on what they thought explained the creatures. After inspection on the video, self-styled alien hunter Scott C Waring assured that these tiny creatures could be extraterrestrial aliens from deep space.

"There are dozens of old UFO landing reports that talk about eyewitnesses seeing small alien creatures, some that move incredibly fast, but none were harmful but were reported to be very mischievous. These creatures in the cam look like they are looking for something. It is very possible that these are two intelligent alien beings and they landed to get a close-up to look at life on Earth for a few minutes. Intelligence is not regulated by size, but by the will of the species to evolve and survive," wrote Waring on his website UFO Sightings Daily.

However, others have suggested the creatures are goblins or some form of an animal species.

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