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6-year-old girl pens emotional note for her father on her birthday "God will give you a good job and plenty money"

 A 6-year-old girl has left the internet into tears after writing his father an emotional note on her sixth birthday.

According to what she wrote, her father had promised to buy her an educational kid tablet iPad when she turns 6.

However, her father could not afford to gift her the iPad he promised her so she left him a note before going to school in the morning.

“Daddy you know today is my birthday, do you know that you promise[d] to buy me Educational kid tablet iPad when I am six, I am six today.

“I know you did not buy it because you don’t have money. Don’t worry you hear? God will provide a good job and plenty money for you, you hear?

"Don’t kill my chicken, go and sell it and take the money to help me buy my iPad Daddy. I want colour pink o. I saw it in mummy Joy[‘s] shop.I love you Daddy,” the note reads. 

Her letter has earned lots of sympathetic reactions from social media users

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