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Crucifix necklace saves 9-year-old boy from stray bullet penetrating his chest on New Year's Eve

 It was a miracle indeed! A 9-year-old boy survived after his crucifix stopped a stray bullet from penetrating his chest in Argentina.

The incident happened on New Year's Eve at 10 PM in the municipality of Las Talitas in the Argentine province of Tucuman. The boy, identified as Tiziano, was celebrating the holiday with his family when he felt an outside force that hit his chest. 

He was standing in front of his house waiting for his sister and cousin to go inside their home when he felt pain and saw a bullet on the ground next to him, he said local news.

He rushed to the hospital and doctors found only a superficial wound which was treated within an hour. His family did not realise how close the bullet came to penetrating his chest until his father received a picture from the boy's aunt showing a silver crucifix necklace in the ground.

Tiziano's mother Alejandra said that it was a miracle adding that Tiziano was blessed and is a blessing to her and his father.

His father David said the authorities have been informed and are conducting investigations to find out who fired the bullet. 

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