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Europe approves first-ever artificial heart for sale

 A French company Carmat who developed and designed an artificial human heart received approval to sell in Europe.

This will serves as a bridge to heart transplant for patients suffering from end-stage heart failure. The artificial heart was designed to copy a real human heart using biological materials , sensors and batteries.

It weigh 900g that would served as a mechanical pump to regulate blood flow.

"The idea behind this heart, which was born nearly 30 years ago, was to create a device which would replace heart transplants, a device that works physiologically like a human heart, one that's pulsating, self-regulated and compatible with blood," Stéphane Piat, Carmat's CEO, told Reuters.

The project took 10-years to earn approval mark for 27-years long effort, which started out as a pitch from surgeon and heart-valve inventor Alain Carpentier to French industrialist Jean-Luc Lagardere in 1993.

The device is designed to replace a real heart for years in patients with end-stage biventricular heart failure. For now, it has only been approved as a temporary implant for those awaiting a heart transplant.

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