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Residents tie their mayor to tree after he failed to fulfill his campaign promise

 Furious residents in southern Mexican state of Chiapas kidnap their mayor and tied him to a tree. 

During a meeting with 11 communities' representative in the town Mayor Oscar Ramirez was presenting several projects when he was questioned about the terrible condition of the municipal water storage tank. 

Residents complained about the broken tank and there was no water inside due to leaks. Alleged that the holes were just patched with cement.

"He promised us that this would be a public works project worthy of Comalapa residents, but but it was all a sham because the water system doesn’t work well. 

"It’s an old problem that he should have attended to properly and should have been a priority during his administration because he came to see us in our homes with this promise, and now he doesn’t want to live up to it,” a resident said.

Report says, neighborhoods in Frontera Comalapa, a rural city that sits across the border from Guatemala did not receive water supply for a week.

Ramirez, who was wearing a face mask was pictured which appeared to be tied to a tree while surrounded by his angry constituents.

A resident even can be heard in a video posted online show slamming the concrete water tank's condition.

Later after his released, Ramirez posted a video on his official social media account denying that he was tied to the tree despite the photos circulating online.

"They did not tie me up,” he claimed. "The meeting was with 11 representatives of Comalapa neighborhoods in order to agree upon details regarding a major public project, the introduction of potable water."

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