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5-year-old boy driving SUV in Pakistan goes viral

 A very young boy in Pakistan recently went viral on social media after he was filmed driving a speeding SUV on a busy street. 

In a video uploaded online, it can be seen a boy seemed standing behind the wheel of black Toyota Land Cruiser V8 so that he could reach the pedals. According to a local news, the child in the video was only five-years-old.

What surprise to many netizens is that no adults could be seen inside the Land Cruiser with him.

Police started to investigate the incident to identify the child's parents after the video began to go viral.

"A small kid driving Landcruiser in Multan Flushed face how’s his feet even touching pedals. Whose kid is this Face with tears of joy," a Twitter user @talha_amjad101 said on a short clip posted on Twitter. 

The footage has sparked outrage as well as concern among viewers saying the parents of the kid should be penalized. 

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