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Wedding in the sky: Couple tie the knot 37,000 ft in the air bound to Boracay

 Literally, love was in the air in the time of pandemic, no virus could stop for the two hearts from falling in love as they took their vows to a new heights by tying the knot 37,000 feet in the air. 

Micah Cura and Kristoffer "Topy" Rustia officially said "I do" on a commercial AirAsia flight Z2 225 bound to Boracay. The two met three years ago when they both worked as cabin crew of AirAsia before taking to the skies their pledged of love and commitment with each other.

The airline agreed and made the arrangements for the couple's dream wedding in the sky. Their colleagues instantly worked together to make it possible.

"As crazy as it may seem, I envisioned Micah walking down the aisle in one of our flights wearing her lovely gown, not her cabin crew uniform. It seemed like it would be impossible, knowing that we work as flight attendants but AirAsia made it happen”, Topy said as quoted in AirAsia news.

Photo credit: Nice Print

"Topy and I are grateful beyond words. It's one thing to get married, it's another to fulfill that dream in a place where we started our journey together---inside the aircraft. Our prayer is that we are able to inspire people to just hang on, and never lose hope because there are still many things to be thankful for, despite the many challenges brought by the pandemic," Micah said.

To further mark the occasion, the couple together with their families enjoyed an early dinner reception with AirAsia's 5-star hotel partner, The Lind Boracay.

Micah, 23, and Topy, 26, have been together for two years and a half with adorable 1-year-old daughter, Isabelle.

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