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Armyworms attack 1,500 hectares of onions in Pangasinan

 Armyworms has left tens of thousands of onions destroyed in at least 1,500 hectares of farm land in Bayambang, Pangasinan, local media reported. 

About 66 villages were affected from the infestation, resulting in the reduced production and high prices of the bulbs since last month. Local government will use its calamity fund to help the 1,400 farmers whose livelihood were directly impacted by the pest.  

“Armyworms are most destructive at larval stage when they can decimate an entire farm in one day, or hours, if the onions are still young or seedlings,” official told the Inquirer.

Onion farming covers around 1,500 ha of agricultural land in Bayambang, mainly producing bulbs of the red variety. Less than 100 ha are planted to the white variety.

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