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Darren Espanto, Cassy Legaspi share sweet tweets over a cup noodles

 So, what's all about Cassy Legaspi, Darren Espanto, and a cup noodles that broke the internet?

Days before Valentine's Day Darren Espanto posted a poll on Twitter asking his followers whether they will prepare cup noodles for the person they love or not, because it's just an easy task. 

Darren received lots of answer from his followers including Cassy Legaspi who got a sweet reply from the singer currently in Canada.

"Pag mahal mo ang isang tao, gagawan mo ba siya ng cup noodles pag humingi siya, o hindi, kasi sobrang dali lang gawin?" Darren asked.

"I would in a heartbeat," Cassy answered, to which Darren replied, "you just said you wouldn't." 

Cassy, on her social media platform tweeted: "good evening except for the guy who still thinks I wouldn’t make cup noodles for the person I love."

Darren retweeted her and wrote in response, "For real, I feel sad for the guy."

Fast forward, on Valentine's day Cassy posted on Twitter with a picture of herself while cuddling a bouquet of flowers and wrote, "wag na maging tampo. Gawa na lang kayo ng cup noodles for the person you love." 

This time no response from the singer, but followers were quick to respond - sending them into frenzy. 

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