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DITO passes 1st technical audit with 85.9Mbps average broadband speed

 The National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) said Monday, February 22, DITO Telecommunication passed its first technical audit which surpassed the set minimum average broadband speed at 27 Mbps. 

Based on the audit result, Dito has generated an average speed of 85.9Mbps for 4G and 507.5Mbps for 5G. 

The audit which started January 7 has recorded three reference point depending on the distance. Near the base station, the speed recorded 102.4 Mbps(4G) and 769.1 Mbps(5G); Middle: 91.2Mbps(4G) and 437.1 Mbps(5G); Far from base station: 64.4 Mbps(4G) and 316.5 Mbps(5G). 

An independent auditor KPMG RG Manabat & Co. conducted the random test-run to choose 12% of the 1,602 cell sites for testing. 

Currently, Dito coverage has reached 37.48% of the population which covers 8,860 barangays. It was noted that the audit was done while Dito does not have subscribers yet. The third telco player is set to launch commercially on March. 

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