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Heart-warming bodycam captures moment a cop hugs a terrified suspect after a car chase

 It was indeed a touching moment when a police officer put away his gun and hugged a frightened suspect in a high-speed car chase. 

A body cam footage has captured moment when Latrece Curry, 41, was surrounded by armed cops with intense confrontation. Police Chief James Richardson approach her car and noticed Curry was completely terrified.

"The look on her face was of sheer terror. She was shaking and it was obvious she was scared. I talked to her to calm her down and then she hugged me. That has never happened to me after a pursuit," Chief Richardson said.

The vehicle fled from units in a neighboring county and came into Hodgenville as the ice storm was just coming in. Units did a good job using a rolling roadblock tactic to bring this chase to an end before someone got hurt. 

41-year-old Latrece Curry, of Lebanon Kentucky, was taken into custody without incident.

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