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Liza Soberano's tweet over government response to COVID-19 sparks online debate

 Liza Soberano unleashed a string of heartbroken tweets yesterday, March 22, asking where the government support for the poor families during this pandemic.

Her tweet comes after the government imposed another lockdown in Metro Manila, Bulacan, Rizal, Cavite, and Laguna due to the spike of coronavirus cases in the country.

"My heart bleeds for all the people who cannot afford not to go out and work. They literally have to choose between dying of starvation or dying of covid. Is our country really this poor to no be able to provide stimulus?? Genuine question lang po," she said.

The half-American actress then compared the Philippines to the United States pandemic response, which is set to give its third wave of stimulus packages to its citizens amid the restrictions.  She also mentioned that related services like testing and vaccination in the U.S. are free. Then she asked, "Where is the support for the poor in our country?"

"Madali lang naman po mag stay at home if everyone has food on the table and money to pay the bills," she added.

During the COVID-19 outbreak, people have been spending their time on social media and they had a lot of words to say. 

One said: "you're comparing our "poor" country to the first world country? lmao. Yes Liza, our country is too poor to feed every filipino's mouth. So, don't expect that much. I still do appreciate your compassion tho."

Liza to her defense, replied: "So what do we do? Just sit back and wait for a miracle to happen? Pray that covid just disappears. I believe God works wonders but I believe that he gives us the instruments to make that happen. Sad thing is the instruments/decision making are not in our hands."

After a long debate on the thread, Liza ended her night with a last tweet saying, "We can only pray for compassion now." 

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