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Man prints huge QR code in shirt for contact tracing went viral

 Businesses across the Philippines are being encouraged to keep logs of who has been coming-in in their establishment so that authorities could easily backtrack them in case of a COVID-19 outbreak.

While many choose to use a QR code printed on a paper, this man has created a brilliant and hassle free idea which earned social media attention. 

Facebook user Jamez Guevara printed the QR code poster on his shirt so that this will always be available anytime he will enter any establishment that require contact tracing code. He noted that the QR code is working to any establishment on their area that needs a backtrack tracing code.

The quick response (QR) code is a computer generated image that looks a bit like a barcode, and when scanned by a phone with a QR code reader it will send check-in record that keeps logs on website.

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