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Teens playing dizzy dash game gone wrong leaving one friend drown

 A video footage captured a shocking moment after a circle of friends was playing a dizzy dash game that turns into tragedy. 

Facebook page Davao 7tv shared a footage of four young men appeared to be three of them are spinning their friend continuously over a period of time, and as the time he looked dizzy they let him jump off a deep swimming pool.  

At first it seems that his friends was enjoying seeing him struggling in the water, until one dive to check him. 


It looks like his friends were still enjoying while still showing his shadow underwater. When time that he's body wasn't showing anymore his friends tried to search him, but they failed.  

They thought that he's still playing with them, until they asked for help to the resort staff to search for his body. Before the video ended, they found his body and gave him first aid. 

As of the moment, still there's no update about the viral video.

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