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Heartbreaking video shows Indonesian crew of sunken submarine sings goodbye song

 Heartbreaking video have emerged crew of sunkin Indonesian submarine were seen singing a local song before the tragedy happened. The video was recorded showing sailors gathered around to a crew member strumming an acoustic guitar while everyone singing.

The commander of the ill-fated submarine Heri Oktavian is among those joining a rendition of Sampai Jumpa, an Indonesian song which means "until we meet."

"Even though I'm not ready to be missing you, I'm not ready to live without you," they sing.

"I wish all the best for you."

The footage is said to be recorded for a supposed farewell to outgoing commander of the navy's marine corps. Erix Soekamti, the original singer of the song posted the video on Instagram.

Fifty-three sailors are dead after a submarine was found broken into three pieces on Sunday at a seabed in Bali ocean.

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