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Here are some of the hilarious memes from Luis Manzano's wedding photo

 Luis Manzano and Jessy Mendiola's wedding photos took the spotlight over the weekend and social media talks about something collectively. While there are some who were blown away by the intimate ceremony taken in Batangas with few attendees due to health restrictions, still people find time to create funny memes behind Mansano's crying moment.  

Here are some of the most unexpected funniest memes that we round up from social media junkies using Manzano's photo during his wedding.


After two weeks of community quarantine, suddenly another announcement came that lockdown was extended - still nothing happened!


When you pay your down payment online and all of a sudden your contact number was blocked. Your a victim of online fraud!

When she told you that she will focus first on her study, then later you saw her with someone!
By: Rodney Brondial

Hoping that somebody would help me wash the dishes. By: Daniel Cajurao Christy

When someone told me that 'Lugaw' or porridge is not essential. By Gi Gi

When you thought it was a promotion turns out a suspension.

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