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Look: Filipino tricycle spotted plying San Francisco Golden Gate bridge

 The iconic Philippine three-wheeled vehicle was seen crossing the Golden Gate Bridge along with a group of Pinoy Riders from different parts of Northern California.

In an Instagram post shared by TNT_traysikel, with a group of more than 60 Filipino American on bike showed up for one of a kind meetup and ride - showcasing the Philippines' king of the road, tricycle.

"TNT Traysikel was a hit with this group of more than 60 Filipino Americans on motorcycles that showed up for this meetup and ride (more than 400 members on the Facebook group). It was great to meet so many pinoys on 2 wheels. And what a sight it was to see a Filipino Traysikel crossing the Golden Gate Bridge followed by a bunch of Filipinos on motorcycles," the post reads.

The customized motorcycle and sidecar is actually a mobile public transport that operates as a cultural marker of the Filipino community in San Francisco. It has a typical features distantly Pinoy hand-painted words such as "HOY,""UFO: Unidentified Filipino Object," and some of the art representing the Filipino culture.

TNT Traysikel was funded by the San Francisco Arts Commission Individual Artist Commission with additional financial support from Awesome Foundation, San Francisco State University and Balay Kreative. 

TNT Traysikelis was made possible through a collaboration between Michael Arcega and Paolo Asuncion with the help from the communities - hand-Painted by Meng Ngyuen. 

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